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The management of family businesses and family assets requires special skills.

In most cases, complex structures and assets have developed over generations, shaped by family values and individual ideas.

The interests of the family members must be protected, especially when changes occur due to marriage, divorce, or the death of a family member.

Confidential and goal-oriented legal advice is needed at all stages of these matters. In the event of a dispute, competent and economical representation in and out of court is essential.

We provide efficient support for your precautionary planning (e.g. prenuptial agreements, wills, health care proxy) as well as concepts for company succession (e.g. foundation model, sale, inheritance arrangements) which are individually tailored to your needs. We regularly focus on the following advisory objectives: ensuring a smooth transfer of company shareholdings, real estate, and other assets to the next generation; tax optimisation arrangements; avoiding disputes within the family (e.g., through appropriate corporate structuring or the introduction of a governance code for family businesses). Our extensive experience enables us to take into account the particularities of private clients. As this is a very personal area of law, we work with the utmost discretion.

Due to the broad and outstanding legal expertise of avocado rechtsanwälte, we can solve all your legal issues as quickly and as well as possible. We offer you our expertise in corporate, real estate, tax and foundation law, as well as general contract law and private international law.

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