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transport, logistics, infrastructure

In key points...

What we do.

  • Draft general business-, delivery- and transport conditions, charters and other transport contracts
  • Implement and adapt existing distribution structures to the EU-package tours directive (EU directive 2015/2302)
  • Contracts between airlines (charter and sub-charter), travel agents and travel businesses
  • Passenger claims handling, litigation, arbitration, mediation
  • Process all appeal proceedings, e.g. related to online ticket sales or noise
  • Settlements based on international rules, e.g. Montreal Convention, EU-regulations, IATA-resolutions and the Warsaw Convention
  • Aircraft purchase agreements, due diligence related to the purchase and sale of aircrafts and other aeronautical equipment
  • Registration and accreditation of aircrafts, registration of aircraft rights of lien
  • Aircraft leasing and repossession of leased aircrafts
  • Airline consulting in emissions trading (EU ETS)
  • Competition law, trademark law, sponsorship
  • Individual and collective labor law for airlines
  • IT-law for airlines
  • Data privacy and protection (e.g. in communication with booking platforms)
  • Compliance


Who we work for.

  • Airlines (passenger and cargo)
  • Travel agencies
  • Insurance and underwriting companies
  • Lessors
  • Investors in the transport sector


Transport. Forwarding.

Irrespective of whether the goods are transported by aircraft, train, ship, or truck: avocado rechtsanwälte provides comprehensive advice in all areas of transport-, forwarder- and logistics law, from acceptance and delivery to disposal. We also enforce, defend and handle any claims in the event of loss, as well as enforce cargo wage claims.

You move the world - we protect you.

Our highly qualified practice group is one of the leading partners of the transport and aviation industry. Our objective is to avoid unnecessary disputes. If one does arise, however, we are tried and tested in this area. We will represent your company before German courts, the Court of Justice of the European Union as well as before national and international courts of arbitration.

Your clear advantages.

We have practical experience: Our experts have sector-specific know-how and work quickly, effectively, and precisely. We are your source for answers to any issue. We have well-established contact to public authorities and leading industry associations.


Our practice group comprises highly experienced professionals and former employees of various companies in the aviation industry. Our professional advice covers the entire spectrum of aviation industry-related issues. In the event of aircraft accidents, we take on the difficult situation of handling claims of relatives (Section 21 of the Montreal Convention) and other questions of liability.