Our notary’s office provides support in all notarial areas of competence, in particular with regard to preparing, recording and processing all matters requiring certification and notarization principally associated with property law, corporate law, inheritance law and family law:

Real Estate Law:

We provide consistent guidance throughout the process of preparing, notarizing and executing contracts from property and residential home sales contracts to the notarization and execution of extensive real estate transactions. We assist professional real estate investors with the development of proper transaction structures for their investments. We then implement their investment ideas and ensure a safe and timely fulfillment of the contract. As far as an encumbrance of real estate is to be obtained from financing banks, we work closely with the financing banks to ensure that the necessary entry is recorded in the land register.

  • sales contracts regarding developed and undeveloped properties 
  • real estate transactions (portfolio and individual objects) 
  • support with project development and real estate financing
  • ordering land charges and mortgages 
  • drafting and ordering easements 
  • property developer contracts (new constructions and renovations) 
  • formation of residential property, declarations of division
  • residential property purchase agreements
  • establishment of hereditary building rights / sale agreements regarding hereditary building rights 
  • usufruct and rights of residence
  • residential privatization

Corporate Law
We draft and notarize documents and supervise execution in matters such as company formations, amendments to the articles of association, agreements and resolutions according to the German Company Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz), transfer agreements and pledging company shares and / or member rights, intercompany agreements as well as contracts regarding capital measures.

We also manage the notarization and execution of complex corporate transactions.

  • company formations
  • appointments and dismissals of managing directors / managing director agreements 
  • amendments to the articles of association
  • capital increases / capital reductions
  • notarization of general assemblies and shareholder resolutions
  • appointments and dismissals of board members / board member contracts
  • corporate and intercompany contracts (AG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, KG, OHG, GbR) including the necessary preparatory work and entries in the commercial register
  • M&A transactions
  • pledging company shares and member rights (share pledge agreements)
  • measures according to the German Company Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz)
  • structural changes regarding business partnerships and corporate entities
  • formation of project companies
  • dissolution of companies and liquidation 
  • initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • formation of foundations 

Inheritance and Asset / Company Succession
We provide you with tailored advice regarding the drafting of your testament or your contract of inheritance. We consider all issues applicable to your specific situation with regard to inheritance law and tax law in order to recommend the optimal structure for your testament / inheritance contract. This also includes providing support with the transfer of assets between living persons, in particular with regard to company succession and the transfer of property to a spouse or children. In the context of company succession, we provide counsel on all questions that may arise regarding corporate law, family law or inheritance law as well as tax law issues and offer comprehensive contract drafting services. In the event that a successor or appropriate successor is not available within the family, we are also available to serve as executors.

  • testamentary disposition / will
  • contract of inheritance
  • certificates of inheritance
  • waiver of inheritance contract and waiver of the compulsory portion
  • waiver of inheritance
  • preparation of estate inventory 
  • distribution of inheritance
  • gift and transfer agreements regarding real estate and companies
  • company succession agreements
  • executorship (settlement execution and ongoing administrative execution)