Labour Law

We are active in the entire range of labour law issues. This includes the legal practice on contractual arrangements, on questions raised with regard to laws on industrial relations and collective agreements, in the field of labour court trials as well as the advice in special topics like industrial disputes or the protection of employee data. Nearly all of our clients are industrial and commercial employers, e. g., owner-managed companies or listed stock corporations, public bodies and foundations.

Our advice comprises collective and individual labour law and support, for example, reorganisations, plant closures and establishments of transfer and job-creation companies. We offer business mediation for both the internal field and the conflicts with third parties like other enterprises or trade unions.

In case of reorganisations and mass redundancies, we prepare the respective project conceptually and strategically, draft the required documentation and represent the interests of our client within negotiations with works councils and trade unions. In this framework, we pursue lawsuits on the dismissal of employees following the reorganisation procedure.

We assist our clients in all issues of industrial relations, staff representation and collective bargaining law. This comprises the negotiation on collective agreements, plant agreements, service agreements as well as settlements of interests and redundancy schemes. We provide legal advice on questions in the framework of co-determination and the choice of the appropriate legal structure.

On the level of individual agreements, we advise our clients on the conclusion of contracts with managing directors, board members and free-lancers, employment contracts, assignments abroad and cancellation or post-termination agreements. We assist in drawing up up-to-date remuneration systems, incentive agreements and pension schemes.

We represent our clients in all German courts and before the ECJ. Inter alia, this comprises the representation of enterprises having the admissibility of industrial actions of trade unions as their subject. Our in-court activities mainly relate to collective law cases, individual unfair dismissal proceedings as well as criminal law suits, conducted fines proceedings and disputes in the fields of remuneration, working hours, employee leasing, employee’s inventions, non-competition clauses or discriminations.

We advise our clients to avoid infringements on the employee’s data protection or the working time regulations and administrative fines, administrative levy of profits and reputation damages. This includes answering questions on the participation of the works council as well as on issues concerning data protection, transfer of data within the group or the implementation of international HR-data data bases. In the framework of working time issues, we also provide legal advice in the field driving of personnel law.

All members of the practice group are distinguished through relevant publications and regularly hold seminars in the fields of labour law and business mediation. Additionally, we assist personnel officers by holding in-house-workshops.

In key points...

What we do.

  • employees‘ inventions law
  • leasing of employees
  • working permit and residence permit issues
  • labour law
  • labour law in sports
  • employment protection law
  • occupational safety law
  • employment contracts
  • working time models
  • working time law
  • assignments abroad
  • pension schemes
  • transfer and closure of plants
  • plant agreements
  • industrial relations law
  • service agreements law
  • driving personnel law
  • executives
  • individual labour law
  • settlement of interests and redundancy schemes
  • international labour law
  • collective labour law
  • unfair dismissal proceedings
  • minimum wage
  • employee participation
  • co-determination
  • public employment law
  • outsourcing
  • pension schemes
  • social law
  • collective bargaining law
  • bargaining agreements for the public sector
  • mergers and restructuring
  • remuneration systems

Who we work for.

  • aged and medical care units
  • automobile and automobile distributor industry
  • banks and financial services providers
  • chemical industry
  • service enterprises
  • print industry
  • retail
  • filming, publishing and other media companies
  • real estate companies
  • textile and apparel manufacturers
  • tourism industry

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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen


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