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You have the idea – we have the solution.

The lifecycle of a company is characterised by change. Company purchases or restructuring are just two well-known milestones. A change in the (tax) legislator is sometimes enough to require adjustments. Mid-sized and family-owned companies also face challenges related to planning company succession. Cooperation with third parties, company takeovers or joint ventures can pave the way for expansion, even beyond German borders. In order to remain competitive, some business fields and corporate areas must be shed. Issues that are decisive in this context cannot be reduced to simple legal questions. We will support you every step along the way - from developing an idea to integrating newly created structures into your company.

Lighten your everyday load.

Beyond the topics of M&A or transactions, the administrative everyday life of a company, an entrepreneur, a management board or managing director can also prove demanding. Company documentation and disclosure requirements tie up resources. Shareholder or supervisory board resolutions, annual publicity obligations, questions of representation or authority to sign, powers of attorney, but also external audits can be time-consuming. Take care of your business. Our team will gladly assume these duties for you as your outsourced legal department or its support.

If you need us, we will fight for you.

Even with the best intentions and perfect planning, disputes cannot always be prevented and are often costly and tedious. If shareholders are unable to agree, or former and current company owners are arguing, fast action is often required to prevent damages and protect the company’s existence. Moreover, corporate law conflicts decided in a courtroom are generally significant because they often involve important foundations for corporate decision making. And finally: unfortunately, the financial authority sometimes holds a different opinion than the affected company – lawsuits before the financial court are often inevitable. All of these corporate and tax law disputes must be managed with expertise and dedication. But also with an eye for that which is feasible, so as not to lose sight of economically sensible solutions.

In key points...

What we do.

  • foreign trade law
  • company and external audits
  • Corporate Governance
  • law of succession
  • financial court proceedings
  • corporate law
  • corporate law disputes
  • shareholder agreements
  • articles of association
  • Going Public
  • committee decisions
  • the formation of companies
  • general and shareholder meetings
  • international tax law
  • IPO
  • joint ventures
  • capital measures
  • corporate group law
  • cooperations
  • management buy-outs
  • private equity
  • privatisation
  • restructuring
  • by-laws
  • tax optimisation
  • tax and criminal tax law
  • foundation law
  • takeovers
  • reorganisation
  • transformation
  • company purchases
  • company succession
  • company law
  • asset succession
  • customs law

Who we work for. 

  • automobile and automobile distributor industry
  • banks and financial services providers
  • mining companies
  • chemical industry and chemical trade
  • retail
  • energy suppliers and producers
  • disposal and recycling companies
  • consumer goods industry
  • food industry
  • public companies
  • paper industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • raw materials production companies
  • software manufacturers
  • technical service providers
  • telecommunications service providers
  • transportation and logistics companies
  • manufacturing companies
  • publishing companies
  • insurance companies
  • advertising and PR agencies

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Country Update Germany - Extraordinary Termination of Profit and Loss Participation Agreements (Organschaft) New Civil Court and Tax Court Decisions (2013)

Hummel, Ralph: Country Update Germany - Extraordinary Termination of Profit and Loss Participation Agreements (Organschaft) New Civil Court and Tax Court Decisions, published ABA SIL M&A and Joint Ventures Committee Newsletter – issue 1/2013;

Acquisitions of German companies subject to government screening (2009)

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