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helping you
get in gear.

You keep things moving forward – we’ll provide the legal assurance.

in key points...

What we do.

    • supplier contracts
    • distribution agreements
    • license and production contracts
    • sales and leasing law 
    • patents
    • competition law
    • environmental protection
    • product safety / product liability
    • transportation and logistics
    • development of production / distribution sites
    • plant construction
    • human resources
    • corporate transactions
    • procurement law
    • state aid law
    • disposal


    Who we work for.

    • manufacturers
    • suppliers
    • distribution partners
    • automotive service providers
    • public contractors / procurement bodies

    Helping you get in gear.

    The automobile industry continues to be the most important industry sector in Germany; we are the third largest automobile producer in the world. This position carries with it not only economic power, but also a degree of responsibility for society as a whole. It is therefore all the more important to be able to operate in a competitive manner and to be equal to the challenges posed on the international markets. Our know-how and experience bring you a step closer to that goal.

    You keep things moving forward – we’ll provide the legal assurance.

    Technology and design, functionality and luxury – these are all elements associated with an automobile. A long road must be travelled, however, before the customer can get behind the wheel and many legal problems are lurking along the way: innovation requires protection, supplier relationships must be contractually arranged and product and product-related requirements must be fulfilled. With our expertise, you’ll remain one step ahead.