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leisure, sports, culture

You can sing. And law? Yes, we can!

Recreation – something to pick up.

People´s willingness to spend a substantial part of their income on leisure and recreation activities is still increasing. Whether event, emotion, arts or culinary experience, wellness or weekend trip – the “experience” gains in importance as a symbol of prosperity and self-fulfilment in comparison to material goods. Accordingly the hotel, recreation and leisure industry has developed to one of the mayor industry sectors - reason for us to keep up with the news and issues of this industry sector.

You have got talent, we have got competence.

Whether culture, sport or entertainment – a complex legal framework and legal relationships are hidden behind by the stage setting. You are an artist or athlete and asking yourself how to protect your interests against a promoter, agent or club? Do you run a restaurant and require guidance through the jungle of administrative regulation? Does your publishing house require assistance to ensure and protect intellectual property rights? Do you plan to build and run a hotel or convention center? Do you want to organize an international culture festival? We are familiar with the views and needs of the different players and the characteristics of the industry. Benefit from our broad experience and concentrate on your talent: to inspire the people!

in key points...

What we do.

  • Contracts for authors and artists
  • Sponsoring agreements
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Neighbouring rights
  • Franchise agreements
  • Event Law
  • Date Protection and personality rights
  • Concessions and operating licences
  • Operating agreements
  • State Aids Law
  • Construction and Planning Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Tenancy Law
  • Labor Law

Who we work for.

  • Publishing houses
  • Authors and artists
  • Event mangement companies
  • Persons of public interest
  • Broadcasting companies
  • Movie and cross media production companies
  • Video game publisher and multimedia agencies
  • Hotel chains
  • Gym and spa operators
  • Event technology companies
  • Investors