Tarec Alio, Frankfurt.

»Good service is defined by understanding the business as a whole from the client’s perspective.«

Tarec Alio, Frankfurt.

Lars-Henning Behrens, Frankfurt.

»There is always
a solution to your
legal issues –
without exception!«

Lars-Henning Behrens, Frankfurt.

»Nothing is more exciting than reality.«

Dr. Christian Berger, Frankfurt.

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»A good lawyer is
usually backed by
an excellent team.«

Anja Bornemann, Cologne.

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»Getting things done.«

Thomas Dick, Frankfurt.

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»The good news is: Lawyers know all there is to know.
The bad news is:
Lawyers are know it alls.«

Markus Figgen, Cologne.

»Opportunities multiply
when seized.«

Dr. Thomas Gerhold, Cologne.

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Dr. Klaus Greb, Berlin, Public Commercial Law, Public Procurement Law

»Legal expertise, implemented by practical solutions, accompanied with economic sense –
that is in demand.«

Dr. Klaus Greb, Berlin.

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Bianca Grewe, Cologne.

»We find solutions
not problems!«

Bianca Grewe, Cologne.

Justus Heldt, Cologne.

»Good advice is not cheap, it´s priceless.«

Justus Heldt, Cologne.

»Ask not what your client can do for you –
ask what you can do for your client.«

Ralph W. Hummel, Frankfurt.

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»Property comes with responsibility,
excellence, too.«

Dr. Ralf Kaminski, Cologne.

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»Only those who recognize each context
can create whole new structures!«

Christiane Leffers, Frankfurt.

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»Commercial law should be simple and easy. Unfortunately, we don't live in the world of should-be.«

Dr. Ulrich Leo, Cologne.

»Always think three moves ahead,
so you keep ahead of the game.«

Dr. Thorsten Lieb, Frankfurt.

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Dr. Arno Maier-Bridou, Member of the Frankfurt and Paris bars, certified commercial and company law attorney, certified employment law attorney.

»Being right is one thing. Our goal is to enforce it with strategy and skill.«

Dr. Arno Maier-Bridou, LL.M., Frankfurt.

Nathalie Maier-Bridou, Member of the Frankfurt and Paris bars, Practice areas employment law, corporate law, international business law.

»For us, borders are not barriers. We are at home on both sides of the Rhine.«

Nathalie Maier-Bridou, LL.M., Frankfurt.

Markus Melcher, LL.M., Cologne

»You have to know
how far you can go
too far.«

Markus Melcher, LL.M., Cologne

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Dr. Sonja Röder, Cologne.

»There are no bad waves, there are only bad surfers.«

Dr. Sonja Röder, Cologne.

»A vision of the possible
can always overcome the improbable.«

Dr. Bettina Ruhland, Berlin and Cologne.

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»Impossible is only an opinion.«

Dr. Stefan Schlimm, Hamburg.

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»What do a good attorney and a good compromise have in common?
They both serve your purpose.«

Barbara Schramm, Cologne.

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»The wind is not the point.
It's how one sets the sails.«

Jan Peter Voß, Frankfurt.

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»A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
And a good lawyer will help you do just that.«

Dr. Jörg Michael Voß, Frankfurt.

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»Good legal advice is a serious matter, it provides fulfillment when executed with joy.«

Dr. Johannes Weisser, Frankfurt.

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»One has to see both sides in order to be able to successfully represent one side.«

Dr. Norbert Windeln, LL.M, Cologne.

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»Always do the right thing.
We will help you.«

Dr. Udo A. Zietsch, Frankfurt.

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Seasoned experience

We are all specialists in our individual fields. Yet, as diverse as we may be, we share a common denominator: experience. You can be sure that when we are talking to you, we know what we are talking about.